"Joule is a bold statement against the status quo. There is always a better way of doing things. A smarter way. A more beautiful way. That's the essence of Joule. That's our 'why'."


- Harp Ghoman, Inventor / Founder / CEO


What is Joule?

We wanted to make a power bar that would integrate seamlessly into your everyday life and your lifestyle. So we gave Joule features like a detachable cable, a custom mounting plate, and illuminated outlets so you can have your power the way you want.


Make something that people will (love to) use.


We made Joule for folks on the go with multiple devices. As your batteries drain, power outlets at the airport or coffee shop become prime real estate. That's where Joule comes in. Portable outlets pretty enough to take with you, and with inputs for up to 5 devices, you might even make a new friend or two.