Why Is Joule Special?

In a market segment that has seen little innovation in decades comes Joule to shake things up. Why does a power strip need to be bland, and beige, and... ugly? Well, it doesn't.

So first, we set out to make it beautiful. While we were at it, we decided to take care of a few other annoyances along the way. Where we ended it up was what we think a power bar should have looked like and behaved like in the first place.


Custom Cable Length

How many times have you plugged one power strip into another one because it wasn't long enough. Or stuffed the extra length behind this thing or that because it was too long? With a detachable cable you can now have the length you need. Simple as that.


Custom Placement

It seem like there's never a power outlet where you need one, when you need it. How many times have you had to dig behind the bed or TV stand, or crawl under your desk? Joule comes with a mounting plate so you can put outlets exactly where you need them. 


Stylish & Portable

What really got us excited was taking Joule on the road. How many times have your devices been low on juice at the airport or coffee shop and all the outlets were being used? With a good-looking set of outlets in your bag you have enough to share.


Lights Up In The Dark

Illuminated Outlets! Why? Because looking for a power outlet in the dark is a pain in the a**. That's why.


fast charging usb

We added 24 Watts rapid charging circuitry for charging your mobile devices to help keep your down time to a minimum.


16 amp safety

Last, but definitely not least, is safety. Joule provides 16 Amp surge protection to keep things running smoothly.