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Who Needs Joule?

These days it seems we can't survive without our many devices. These include laptops, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, and more.

Charging multiple items can be challenging as power outlets in public places like airports and coffee shops become prime real estate.

This is where Joule comes in.



We Made Useful, Beautiful.

First, we combined three 110V electrical outlets with two 2.0A USB ports allowing five devices to be charged simultaneously. 


We then wrapped Joule in an anodized aluminum shell featuring a polished beveled edge, lazer engraved logo mark, and elegant lines that give Joule a timeless appeal in any environment.

close-up-joule crop.jpg

Then We Made Useful, More Useful.

(A) Detachable Power Cable

Have The cable Length you Need With Less Mess.

(B) Three-position Power Switch

Power With or Without Lights.

(C)Built-in Safety

Circuit Breaker, Surge Protection and power conversion.

(D) Illuminated Outlets

Because trying to Find Power In the dark is annoying.



Traveling Overseas?

Joule Is Also A Power Converter.

We love to travel as much as the next person but bringing a bunch of electronics on a trip can be a  real pain, especially overseas with different power supply. 

Joule safely converts 220V to 110V for up to 5 devices, using a single travel adapter. Now you can spend less time charging your stuff, and more time enjoying your trip.

You're welcome.