JOULE|BAR     $65

  • three (3) 110V electrical inputs 
  • two (2) USB inputs
  • fast-charge USB circuitry 
  • 16A surge protection  
  • illuminated outlets
  • custom mounting plate
  • detachable 4ft cable included
  • elegant, quilted travel case

JOULE|BIT     $29

  • "Little Sister" to the JouleBAR
  • one (1) 110V electrical input
  • two (2) USB inputs
  • Illuminated outlets
  • sits neatly on your computer desk or nightstand
  • surge protection

JOULE|BOX     $99

  • six (6) 110V electrical inputs
  • six (6) USB Inputs
  • surge protection & circuit breaker
  • designed to be used with your entertainment system or conference table
  • includes 4ft and 15ft detachable cables

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